The Calling

About a month ago, a week before school started, we had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Adam Saenz.  Dr. Saenz is the author of The Power of a Teacher and offers great insight into the impact that the connection between a teacher and student can have on the student’s future.  He explained something that we all know, that teaching is a calling…but he defined what it means for something to be a calling.  According to Dr. Saenz, a calling is when you connect your deepest value system with what you do for a living.  I think it is clear to most that to be an effective teacher, one that has a lasting, positive impact on students, that you must be called into the classroom.

Following your dreams as you pursue your calling will certainly provide you with a greater sense of purpose than the pursuit of a paycheck.  To sustain yourself as an educator through the good times and bad, you must continue to grow and expand your skill set.  The better we are at our jobs, the more growth we experience, the greater the service we can provide others, the more we tend to enjoy our profession.  Enter Dave Burgess.  We began a book study today on the book Teach Like a Pirate.  The book provides teachers with a number of ideas and strategies to make their classrooms as inviting and engaging as possible.  The greatest gift this book provides is to rekindle the flame that burns, or burned, in every teacher’s eyes.  For teachers to experience the joy that comes with sharing genuine learning experiences with students is a tremendous goal, and one that, if accomplished, will benefit each and every student that walks through the door for weeks, months, and years to come.

I am looking forward to discussion, growth, and philosophical change that comes with reading a book like the one that Mr. Burgess has written.  Ultimately, I look forward to seeing the joy on teachers’ faces as they experience the reward of providing a classroom environment that is so engaging, students can’t wait to get there, and are disappointed to leave.  I appreciate the willingness to learn, and to spend personal time focusing on our own learning so that we can maximize our opportunity to impact the lives of our students.  Teaching is a calling, and with the help of Mr. Burgess and Teach Like a Pirate, we will have more fun than we have ever had while providing the greatest possible learning experience for our students.  What could be better than that?  Be called.



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